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Privacy Policy
This privacy policy defines how we use and protect the information you provide while using DiscussPF, an internet forum/message board. DiscussPF (also referred to as "we", "forum", "site", "website") is committed to protecting your information. The information you provide will only be used for lawful purposes, in accordance with this policy.

Information We Collect

While using this website, we may require or use information based on your user type. Some information is collected automatically. Other information is provided by you at your discretion.

Unregistered Users:
Information collected from visitors (guests) of the forum, without logging in, includes:
IP (Internet) Address
Geographic Location
Pages Visited
Length of Visit
Browser Information (Version, Operating System)

Registered Users:
If you create an account on this forum, you are creating a profile page that both registered and unregistered users (the public) can view. Information collected from registered users includes that collected from unregistered users as well as the following:
Username/Login Name
Avatar or Profile Photo (if provided)
Email Address
Hashed Password
Website address, birthdate, location, biography, gender, personal notepad (if provided)

Information You Disclose Publicly:
We provide a platform that allows users to store and transmit content over the internet. This may include personal information about yourself that you choose to disclose. For example, when writing a post, you might include your name and address information. This could also include information stored in your user profile. It is your responsibility to carefully choose what information you disclose. We highly suggest you do not share any identifiable personal information across personal messages (PM's) or on posts across the forum.

How Is My Information Used?

The information you provide to us is used in the following lawful ways:
To provide access to the forums
Sending relevant notices through email
The ability to provide certain features
Maintaining the integrity of and moderating discussions
To provide advertising
For legitimate business needs
To comply with legal requests by law enforcement agencies

Information Security:
We are committed to protecting the information you provide to us. To prevent unauthorized access, we have made a best effort putting safeguardes in place to secure the information we collect. We do not store your password in plain-text in the database, it is saved as a password hash. We will inform you about any data breaches that occur.

Browser Cookies:
We use browser cookies to provide certain functionality on the forum. Cookies are tiny text files stored within your web browser. The information stored in these cookies may include site preferences, session identification, HTTP information, and your IP address. You can set your browser to block and not process these cookies if you choose, but this will degrade the forum experience we offer.

DiscussPF Cookies:
These cookies are set directly by us in our domain or any subdomains.
Session Cookies: These cookies are set when you enter our website and remain in your browser until cleared. These are stored in memory and not typically saved after the browser is closed. These cookies do not collect information from a user's computer.
User Cookies: These cookies are used to remember your preferences on our forum, such as login details, pages viewed, and any actions you perform. These cookies remain after the browser is closed. The names of the cookies we use are defined below.

Third-Party Cookies:
Third party cookies are set by otehr websites not affiliated with DiscussPF. These include areas such as Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Youtube, Amazon, ReCAPTCHA, and other third parties. These cookies help the advertiser better reach their audience. You can set your browser to block and not process these cookies if you choose.

IP Addresses:
IP addresses of all visitors (guests and registered users) are stored in our database. This occurs during any visit or forum interaction, such as registering for an account, posting messages, and managing your account details. IP addresses are not visible to the public at any time.

Controlling Your Information:

You may choose to limit or remove specific information about yourself on the UserCP page here.

You may adjust what types of communications you receive in your account settings.
You may request that we delete all personal information that we are storing should you wish to close your account and no longer remain a member.
You can request an export of the data we have on you through the UserCP linked above. Your posts on this forum are not considered personal information unless they contain it, and we are not required to delete them, or provide them to you at any time. Contact us for any further questions/requests.
Your account may be anonymized, but not physically deleted to comply with removal requests. This is to protect the integrity of discussions on the forum. You can do this in the UserCP as linked above.
If you discover any personal information that you are unable to change or delete yourself, please contact us as soon as possible so the necessary changes can be made.

Additional Disclosures:

Do Not Track:
The "do not track" functionality of your browser lets websites know your preferences across the internet. The "do not track" setting is not processed on this forum because we do not track individual users across the internet
Children's Privacy:
We do not solicit or knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 16. By creating an account on the forum, you are certifying that you are age 16 or older. If we receive knowledge that information has been collected from a child under the age of 16, the information will be deleted.
Third Party Websites:
The forum may contain links to other websites outside of DiscussPF. These websites may or may not be affiliated with DiscussPF. We have no control over external websites and therefore this policy no longer applies and we cannot be held responsible for the information, or the privacy of any information you provide, to such sites.

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