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Welcome to DiscussPF Forums - Vince - 04-05-2018

Hi Martin!
Hello everyone!

Thanks for having me here. This is a very interesting site and a very good site where members discuss their personal experiences about saving and finance. Personal saving and finance is not a course that is being learned in schools or colleges. In this site, we can learn more from forums by reading personal experiences about budgeting, saving and finance. Reading personal experiences are far more better than reading general facts on wiki. I will recommend this site to my family and friends. The learnings here are free.

More power to discusspf.com!

Welcome to DiscussPF Forums - Martin - 04-06-2018

Thanks all for the kind words. Just as a note, in the just over a month since our launch, we have reached over 200 topics and close to 1000 posts. Thanks everyone for your support so far and here is to many more!

Welcome to DiscussPF - MichaelMes - 06-24-2018

Thank you all for the welcome.

I am just happy to be the company of people of like mind

One thing I forgot to mention is how much I am at Peace. Well 99 of the time at any rate. Still working on the other 1