Fiverr – The place I started my side hustle, so should you

Fiverr is a website where you can sell your services to a community of buyers. I started using the website around 4 years ago now, creating content in the form of articles, blog comments and forum posts. It provided a decent side income for myself whilst I was studying and therefore allowed me a little bit extra money to spend each month. I didn’t really consider it too much at the time, and just used the money to buy some games and other unproductive things. However, the site is really useful – and its improved a lot since I last used it.

You can sell pretty much everything at Fiverr, and the website gives you great ways to monitor sales, talk to clients and get the jobs done. It always used to lack in the income department though. As the name suggests, the website was built on the basis of offering services which can be done for $5. This was problematic to some who wanted to charge a more premium price for their service. However, nowadays you can set a range of starting prices to meet your needs. Also, you can offer 3 tiers of packages to suit your needs (each of which can be priced differently) alongside the ability to add extras to your service to provide even more income. As a result, Fiverr has become a great place for almost everyone’s side hustles.

Who I recommend Fiverr for

I think Fiverr is a great idea for anyone new to the side hustle game. This is because there is a mass pool of buyers there, the site is free to join and start selling on, it can promote itself (although you might need to advertise a little) and there are templates that help you outline the service you are providing. Therefore, for anyone starting out a side hustle that will work on Fiverr, I highly recommend giving it a try. It is a good way to build your clients before doing anything more serious. It doesn’t cost to use, and whilst they charge a commission, its a lot better than spending money on a website. Making your own website can be expensive, needs maintenance and doesn’t have an existing pool of possible clients.

Until you build up a list of clients and a portfolio for your service, using anything else isn’t needed. Once you have achieved these things you might look at making your own website.

What can you use the income for?

There’s a lot more to say about side hustles. I won’t cover it all in this article as it could make a decent article in the future. However, I like to use any income I’ve got from side hustles to add to my savings. The income I get monthly from the content creation goes into savings and then will be used in emergencies. I take anything I earn from this not as income, but as additional savings. That way, I’m not too reliant on the side hustle and therefore can take breaks when I don’t have the time, and I don’t end up overspending on a monthly basis.

Do you use Fiverr or any similar websites to do an online side hustle? Let me know in the comments!

Note: I may earn commission for any buying or selling you do on Fiverr if you join through the link I have provided. Feel free to check it out by a Google search if you don’t want me to earn anything. I will never advertise a service I don’t personally use or like. 


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