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Hello and welcome to the first entry into a new bulletin. This bulletin will highlight some interesting things happening on the website and across the personal finance community as a whole. For the first entry, I want to draw your attention to our personal finance forums.

DiscussPF Forums started just over a month ago and I have been spending lots of time tweaking the design and driving content. The forum acts as a place for everyone to discuss topics relating to personal finance. Including retirement, saving, budgeting, the economy, blogging, investing and much more. A personal finance forum is an excellent way to gain tips to help with your personal finance goals in a way which is much more interactive and informal than a blog. Meet and gain new friends whilst you learn and share information.

There is a lot of interesting discussions already occurring from the range of users we already have – but it would be better if you were there too! You can register and post for free forever, we will never charge for this part of the site and I believe you will find it a very useful resource.

Why did you start this personal finance forum?

When I look across Google for results similar to ‘personal finance forum’ – the mass of what I see is forums which are not easy to navigate, which have outdated technology and designs, inactive staff members, and lots of spam. I wanted to change that. My background as a webmaster has mainly focused on the creation of forums, this blog is relatively new to me. So a forum was a natural step for the project.

It fills a hole left by inactive, hard to use forums. It fits the need for people to connect and easily discuss personal finance topics such as investing and retirement. I’m actively managing and maintaining it, unlike most of the forums I see and it is relatively easy to use.

How does it help me?

As a member, you will be able to connect with other people interested in personal finance. As a result you can learn and trade valuable skills like how to invest and save. It will help lead to better personal finance decisions and results for the members who participate. Additionally, if you are a personal finance blogger you will benefit too. You can link your blog in your signature, giving your blog exposure for every post you make. Helping people out will drive credibility to your name and the blog. In addition, you can meet other money bloggers and connect with them to build mutually beneficial partnerships.

The best so far…

Below is 5 topics which I consider to be some hosting some good quality discussions so far. If you like what you see, or think differently, join up and have your say!

As you can see, we are a rapidly growing personal finance forum and therefore we would love to see even more people join. The forum is bound to provide you with interesting and useful information you can use. So be sure to check us out, and recommend us to friends also! That’s all for this news bulletin. A normal personal finance blog post will be posted next week.

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