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UK investigation into crypto-currencies

Crypto UK investigation into crypto-currencies
UK investigation into crypto-currencies 1
Quote:MPs have launched an inquiry into cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them.

The Treasury Committee said it wants to understand the risks and benefits of digital money following an explosion of interest - and investment - in them.

The MPs will cover the role of digital currencies in the UK, including the impact on consumers and businesses.


Sure to have an impact on the value of the currencies when the results of this come out. Some interesting points made on the technology though, might something be adapted by the UK with their own currency?

RE: UK investigation into crypto-currencies 2
Be interesting to see if the block-chain technology is adopted into mainstream currencies. I do see tighter regulation on cryptocurrencies in the future though.

RE: UK investigation into crypto-currencies 3
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency received a lot of scrutiny since last year and it's possibly as a result of people faith and acceptance of the digital currency which poses a serious problem to fiat currency and government. The government is most likely to lose a lot if 80% of the world population move over to the usage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency over fiat currency because they would stop paying taxes. The government is just trying to find a way to clamp down on the success of cryptocurrency.

RE: UK investigation into crypto-currencies 4
I still keep on asking why the government is having so much trouble and headaches with accepting cryptocurrency? Does it mean that people's success and progress financially is hurting them? They should allow cryptocurrency to operate freely without all these checks and balances.

RE: UK investigation into crypto-currencies 5
It is because the Governments can't keep track of them like they do with cash. They want to know what pople are spending their money on, you can't doe that with crypto currency

RE: UK investigation into crypto-currencies 6
Governments are simply jealous and envious of how cryptocurrency operates, being a decentralized digital currency is the greatest threat they feel from cryptocurrency because it takes away the power they have over fiat currency through the central bank, and as such they cannot tax the currency.

RE: UK investigation into crypto-currencies 7
With due respect to the government of the united kingdom, I don't think this move is the to take since some other governments of the world such as the korean government and even some other Asian governments have been adopting cryptocurrencies as a means of doing transaction and trade. There are other challenges that the government should tackle instead of providing funds to venture into an enquiry that may add a little or nothing to the living standard of the people.

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