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Free forum software vs Paid?

Free forum software vs Paid?
Free forum software vs Paid? 1
Which type of forum software do you prefer? Free or Commercial/Paid software?

I own licenses for both Xenforo and IPB, however, with the way forums are nowadays and my financial situation I've found it more financial suitable to use a free forum software such as MyBB over IP.Board or Xenforo. The reasoning behind this is because forums sometimes don't work out and tend to go under or financial restraints prevent the admin from keeping the forum up-to-date on the latest version. For my own forums I went with MyBB for this very reason and i'm happy I did thus far. I've made it as close to Xenforo as possible and I'm pretty happy with the results and the software. My members don't seem to mind it either. :Smile Which type of software do you like? Free or Paid?

RE: Free forum software vs Paid? 2
I think paid software is better, because it gives you flexibility to customize as you wish and it gives you the ability to monetize. Plus you always have control over the site. Say the free host decides to close down (as many are), then you are screwed and will have to pay a fee to get all that data transferred (if you're lucky!)

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