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Home Bills

Home Bills
Home Bills 1
All of us maintain a home, it may be an apartment, condo, room or house and that means we all have to pay household bills, which normally consists of electricity, water, phone and internet, gas, rent, amortizations etc.  
How much do you spend per month on your home bills?

RE: Home Bills 2
Benefits about leaving with other family members that we all share the same bills. Yes I pay my way but as an young person we tens to get away nice. But phone bills is always can be an pain. But Water isn't cheap in my location and that's where most the big bill is. Gas and power is good even though it has gone up my another £50 a year

RE: Home Bills 3
Internet = $60 a month
Electric = $50ish a month
Heat = Oil, so it really depends, maybe $800 a year
Gas (for cooking) = $30-40ish a month

RE: Home Bills 4
I would approximately sum up all my expenses in a month to be within $350 to $400. Some variables might make it go up or drop down.

RE: Home Bills 5
Here is a breakdown of the bills and expenses I shoulder at home in a month.

Phone/Internet = $40
Water = $20
Electricity = $60
Mineral Water = $12
Rice = $26
Gas for cooking = $12

For a total of $170. The good thing with living with family members is that you get to share the expenses at home equally. As you notice I never spend on food, my mom is the one in charge of that.

RE: Home Bills 6
Let me try breaking my spending in a month down as much as I can.

Feeding = $120
Electricity = $80
Transport = $25
Rent = $32
Drinks = $10

So, in a month I roughly spend around $267.

RE: Home Bills 7
Rent takes a huge amount of money on my budget. My rent is paid on yearly basis and it's summed up at $600. Feeding is around $200 - $300, electricity at $80 and other bills at $150.

RE: Home Bills 8
I think, I only pay in house is my extra foods hahahaha my own cravings like $20 a month.

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