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Is it possible to live off online income?

Is it possible to live off online income?
Is it possible to live off online income? 1
Does anyone have an experience where you are able to live off income generated online? This can be from activities such as freelancing. With the skills I have, it seems like it would only ever be an income supplement and couldn't provide me with an income outright.

Is it possible to live off online income? 2
Honestly, it's impossible for me. I know that many people who can do that and I know many people who struggle with earning their daily bread. Well, let me tell you my story. I own a website and I opted for advertisements and it got accepted in google adsense. Now, it's been close to three years and guess how much it made?

That's right just 17$. It wouldn't even cover for the maintenance and renewal fee of the website. Later, I thought of making some pocket money by doing some tasks, but even then, I barely got any orders and I had to give it up. Also, it's not like I want to make some serious money but I wanted to see whether I could do without a real job or not. Well, we can clearly say that, I can't do anything or earn anything without a real job. So, for me, it's not possible to live off online income.

Is it possible to live off online income? 3
Yes, I do have an experience because for the past two years, I have been more stable in my online jobs than offline ones. This is to say, my work online determines my major source of income for the month. Here's the best part, I don't even have to wait until the end of the month to get paid.

You may be wondering, what are those online jobs I do that determines my month's pay?

To begin, I am a blogger who earns using Google AdSense. Occasionally, I also place Ads or write posts on my blog that are sponsored by Advertisers. While AdSense earnings are monthly, pay from other Advertisers can be on a more frequent basis.

There's also my investment in Cryptocurrency that determines 80 percent of my online earnings. What am I getting at?I am an online day trader who deals with trading altcoins. Although losses are made occasionally, the gains greatly outweigh the losses.

Using my experiences, you too can make meaningful income online as there are so many opportunities here. There's importation, vlogging, Blogging, Freelancing, as well as the cryptocurrency. Now you take your pick.


Is it possible to live off online income? 4
I think it's possible and attainable. I have friends that's successful in doing online jobs. But of course one should be creative and skill full. There are lots of online platforms that can be monetized, one option is creating your own website for your product or services. Second is advertising it thru available platforms. One thing is patience, being successful online takes a lot of time and good decisions.One should work it out with the available skills and resources.

Is it possible to live off online income? 5
It's quite possible actually I've made quite a substantial sum from online income a few years back but I was still running a business back then and was quite busy I didn't took it seriously but I was getting $80 per article at the time, there was a site back then that buys Top 10 kind of articles for $80 a pop. I contributed 4 to 5 articles per month doing it on my spare time during weekends mostly and I was making $300-$400 a month doing it then. Thinking about it now, if I did concentrate on making Top 10 articles full time then, I might have earned $1000 per month.

At present, I'm on a medical leave from managing my business since October of last year and I decided to go work online full-time but only on sites or jobs that gives me the freedom to work whenever I want to, mostly fixed contracts and sites where I can submit/contribute articles and get paid. I'm earning am average of only $200 per month now, I started last November earning $20 for the whole month, by December it went up to $50, by January this year it's $120, February earnings is $180 and it's March now and I've already earned $200 from the period of March 1 - March 12 so I guess if you just put your heart on it and do continuous research to find good sites then it is very attainable to survive on freelancing or Online work earnings. All one needs is Dedication, Passion, Focus and Patience.

Is it possible to live off online income? 6
To be honest, it seems impossible for me to live off with my online income. I only make an average of $40 per month through online work. $40 is not enough to make a living but online work is good if you're just looking for an extra income.

Is it possible to live off online income? 7
Looking up to online job money from freelancing work as a means of living isn't a wise decision. Although there are some people who actually make a lot of money doing online jobs but it depends on the kind of jobs they are doing. If it's just writing of articles and selling your services, it's never going to be enough in getting you enough money to make a good living.

But if it's something like affiliate marketing online, then there is a very good chance of making a lot of money. I have this friend who is into affiliate marketing program, he makes a great deal of money from it and already making plans on joining him. Just working as a freelancer serves as a passive income to me, it's never enough to take good care of my financial needs.

Is it possible to live off online income? 8
I think that one's life status goes a long way in determining if living and depending on money made from online jobs would be enough to take care of the persons needs. If it's a student, online money can go a long way in taking care of his or her needs. But if it's someone that have a family to take care of, online money would never be enough in taking care of the persons needs.

Is it possible to live off online income? 9
@Gracciiaa. Thanks for this encouragement. It's so easy to get discouraged. Most people who don't make a fulltime income online are so discouraging. The fact that you don't make an income online, doesn't mean that you can't.I also fall on the side that think you can. I've seen people buy houses and cars from their online income. Like most offline jobs you need to aquire skills. You also need to belief that you can.

Is it possible to live off online income? 10
I think being a freelancers is just additional income. It's hard to rely on that job and become your primary source of income. Even how good you are in article writing, there always a time that your mind is not properly worked and running out of ideas. And the clients is not always there to hire you. it's hard to have an stable income from being freelancers.

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