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An occupation and livelihood for a retiree

Retirement An occupation and livelihood for a retiree
An occupation and livelihood for a retiree 1
Putting up a business is the usual plan of a person who is about to retire from a long time job. But come to think of it, business is for the businessman which means if you have no business experience then it is risky to do so especially because you will be using your hard earned retirement pay for the capital. What if the business fails? Online work is one good way of having an occupation and a means to earn good money for a retiree. However, earning money from online sites is not an easy work. You are like a laborer toiling on your keyboard the whole day. But beggars cannot be choosers so that's where I'm going.

RE: An occupation and livelihood for a retiree 2
Just like any endeavor a good plan and consistency is one of the key in a successful business. Planning and foreseeing how would you manage a business is critical but being consistent is how a business progress. Retiring with a business is a good way to ensure financial stability, having an own business when you retire gives you the ability to have your own way of life. But not all business like you said will be successful, that's why its better to plan and start early in life. Planning and starting a business early is a wise thing to do because business is a progressive activity as you go on in life before you retire your ability to run your business will definitely increase. By the time you retire your business will be well established.

RE: An occupation and livelihood for a retiree 3
If you play your cards right with careful investments and savings throughout your working life, there is no real need for an occupation or short job to keep the money coming in as you retire. However, I think most like doing something to fill in the time, and a business is usually something people want to try - albeit usually at a low cost.

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