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Saving motivation

Saving motivation
Saving motivation 1
How do you stay motivated to save? Share some tips with the community of ways you have become able to save easily!

Saving motivation 2
I avoid shopping when I'm hungry, anxious or depressed. I have created a saving goal of £500.00 for a Xbox One X and so far I achieved half of this way, I'm saving little and often. Hope some of my tips help you Martin.

Saving motivation 3
I make it obvious what goals I am working towards. Such as with my deposit for my house I am sure to keep checking what percentage of savings I currently have towards it as it motivates me to keep going and reach the goals I have.

Saving motivation 4
What motivates me to save are the things that I can purchase after reaching the target amount I've set before I started saving money. For example, I really need a new laptop which is a little bit smaller and thinner than my 16" laptop and so I started saving money thinking about it. If I feel hungry, I motivate myself by saying "It's okay, you'll get what you want on dinner, be patient." If I also see clothes on sale, I prefer to close my eyes and think about the clothes I still have in my cabinet so that I won't be tempted. That's how I motivate myself.

Saving motivation 5
I'm motivated to save if I'm planning to buy something that cost a lot for me like buying a bed. I'm only a housewife, one way to save is through our meals, I cook twice a day for 3 meals and it really saves money rather than going out or buying ready meals. To get my goal to buy things I really have to save especially my husband don't know much on saving. It's not that easy to save but we have too because we only have a tight budget.

Saving motivation 6
I'm always motivated to save for the future of my family. As a mother of two, I wanted my girls to have a good education someday. It's just a matter of self descipline. You just have to set your goals for you to have motivation to save. Establish your budget. Start saving for your retirement as early as possible. Record your expenses, yoi have to know where your money is going. Plan on saving money. Decide on your priorities and whatch your savings grow.

Saving motivation 7
I am motivated to save when i make a list and set a goal on the things that i am saving for. I also get to look up those things once in a while as a reminder to get there.

The thing about motivation is seeing successful stories which are more like a trigger for you to create yours.

Saving motivation 8
I am motivated to save because I want to gift my sister on her marriage. Its as approaching I want her to have a diamond necklace set from my side before she enters to marriage.

In the past, I had tried my luck by using motivation money saver applications in my mobile only to find out that I am lying to these applications to have a good score at the end of the day. Its kind of a euphoria. Now, I have set things in such a manner that a definite amount of money goes into my savings account every month that can be withdrawn only by the end of 24 months. This way, I am motivated to save for myself as well as for my sister.

Saving motivation 9
I get my motivation and encouragement to save money and to adopt good financial habits by reading others’ tips and success stories about savings and finances. That is also the reason why I joined this kind of forum/blog site. By staying educated and having a vision you can help yourself to stay motivated to save money.

Saving motivation 10
I get motivation from my plan. I usually do annual plans where the goal is to save some money for a purchase or vacation. Saving money is not easy, but using a strategic plan i can create turns that can make my goal achievable. Although there are instances that my plan may not be as i thought it would be due to some instances or events, i can easily adjust my strategies because of the long time line.

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