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Statism - Pros and Cons

Statism - Pros and Cons
Statism - Pros and Cons 1
Statism can range from FDR's vision, to Hitler, to Stalin, to Trump. Either way, it's a belief that government power is needed to make things happen - and the appeal would be that alternatives are weak.

Anyway, though, some cons to this thinking would be the rise of a Big Brother State (George Orwell's 1984) and also the fact many of these systems have smashed worse than crash dummy.

RE: Statism - Pros and Cons 2
I think statism is defined as market economies with large amounts of government intervention, regulation or influence over a market or mixed-market economy. But I am not sure that's the case with the United States because they are a free market economy- but really they say we are a muddled variety of the statist economy. We probably have the worst features of both systems being anarchism and statism in America though.

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