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The Forum Wheel vs Postloop

The Forum Wheel vs Postloop
RE: The Forum Wheel vs Postloop 11
I am a writer on both TFW and Postloop. I joined Postloop on February last year and unfortunately, I did not get a very good rating. At that time, the forums available for me to subscribe to were very inconsistent. The forum owners were honestly not serious because they would buy about 2-3 credits every two days. It was a bloodbath, having to compete for 2 credits with so many other writers. Eventually I quit on Postloop and joined TFW. Here, I got an excellent rating and to be honest, my stay on TFW has been very pleasant. I make about $5 in 3 days and when lots of forums are active, I can make $5 in a day. The support system is excellent and the owner of TFW is very friendly. For any aspiring person willing to join the post exchange world, TFW is your best bet.

RE: The Forum Wheel vs Postloop 12
(05-16-2018, 07:39 AM)chameli Wrote: I am on The Forum Wheel as well as Postloop. There was a time when I was earning more than $3 every day from the forums available under TFW and Postloop. However, these days I cannot reach then withdrawal threshold on TFW even in one month and on Postloop it takes around 7 days to reach $5 mark. Postloop and TFW provided a good earning opportunity for a freelancer like me, however, these days there are very few forums available.

Hi. Nowadays postloop has changed and it is even possible to make 10$ daily. This is because of the many forums they have. Forum wheel has few forums on their platforms making it difficult to reach the minimum threshold for withdrawal a little vit difficult. Anyway just have on forums and stop the thoughts of money, it will be easier that way.

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