About Us

About the site

An idea spawned over years of thinking, finally graces the net in the form of a Twitter account in October 2017. Then on November 12th 2017, the first iteration of a long-term project meant to span multiple channels was created. First, a blog. A place for me (Martin, a student studying Economics at University & a budding entrepreneur) to share my experiences in the area of personal finance, blogging and business – hoping to share some useful information that you can put into use.

Later on the 24th of November 2017, a directory was created which allows users with personal finance projects (books, apps, blogs and podcasts) to share and promote them. I’ve always intended for DiscussPF to be more than just my own blog. The intentions was and is to create a community for everyone. The directory is the first stage in that and allows me to give back to the personal finance community.

On the 22nd of February 2018 the true part of the project launched. Alongside a redesign to make the project easier to serve its purpose, a forum was added where members can discuss personal finance and get help and advice. This was the main idea for the project from the get go and serves as a huge benefit to the website.

It’s a short history so far, but we have a long term plan for creating your go-to site for everything personal finance related. Stay tuned for more on the project as it develops.

About me

My name is Martin. I am studying Economics at University and have a huge interest in the World Wide Web. I have ran blogs and websites since 2007 and have slowly refined my skills to create the project you are on now. I love creating content and blogs which are engaging and useful – hopefully I can achieve that here. I’m a budding entrepreneur and someone who takes my personal finance very seriously. When I’m not online, I enjoy going to the gym, watching football (or soccer) and watching some television.