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Full Version: Leasing or buying a car?
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Which do you see as the better option and why? I am unsure personally as to which route to go for my next car.
I would prefer to own a car rather than renting it. I think renting a car is good only if you are posted outside your country and you have to stay there for a short period but if you're in a permanent job and you can afford to buy a car even if on installments, it's better to buy it.
The above person is confusing leasing and renting. Sure, renting a car is only for people on vacation or business travel. However, leasing is a common practice usually taken up by those with a well-paying steady job. Anyway, I think buying is always better from a financial view - but not everyone can afford it.
If you can get a lease with a decent interest repayment plan then go for that. Cars lose value very quickly in my opinion so it isn't worth paying out a lump sum for it to lose a lot of value quickly. I'd rather lease and then buy the car for a smaller fee at the end and have my costs covered for those years I lease it.
Buying a car is always the better option for me whenever I feel like having a car. I mean that the risk of having to lease a car while one thing or the other affects tje car is something that I don't really have big thoughts about any day. The money I pay for lease is also close to what I should have spent, if I had wanted to buy the car. So, getting a car on full purchase is the better option for me.
Buying a used car would be a good option I think. I mean, they cost considerably less than a new car and considering the low price, why do payments?
I think it's better to buy the car. But if you're just temporarily living in that certain country, it's best to rent the car.
There is nothing better than leasing a company car because you use it for your work and it's like the company pays for it like how it's being done in some banks. Of course, you shell out some of your cash but there is some kind of assistance from the company itself. I beg to disagree though that buying a car in cash is really good because a car is not really a good form of investment. It has a diminishing value and in the long run the value of your money goes low. I think it is still best to buy a good second hand car, less than half its original price and the money usually coming from some soft loans that is deducted from your payslip for a fixed term.
To me, buying a car is simply a better way to follow in the sense that it is only through that means that I can get to really enjoy the moments with the car that I drive. Car, as far as I am concerned, is just a luxury which we can even decide that we don't really need at a particular moment, so for me to take the risk of leasing a car is totally out of it. One thing is that in my country, when a leased car got stolen, you get to discover that you will pay the full cost of the car which is not really okay with me.

So, preferring to buy a car is a better choice since that is going to give me the full ownership of such cars as well as giving me enough time to make use of the automobile unlike what we see with leased cars where you get to use it for a certain period of time and the owner takes it back.