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Full Version: How disciplined are you with spending?
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I used to be not very good with spending my budget back when I was in college, and when I was living on my own managing my own money I realized that I could have had a lot of savings and a lot of expenses I could've cut from my college days which made a lot of difference. Now, I follow my budget plan per week and for the month and constantly look for ways to further reduce expenses.
To be honest with you, I'm not the type of person that have been disciplined with spending and that has made me lose so much in life. I always look back at things that happened in the past and regret the way I spent some money for I always imagine if I had saved up those funds that I used by going clubbing, it would have been enough to start up a new business for myself.

However, I'm positive and have decided to take measures with the way I spend money on mobile accessories, food as well as hanging out with friends every weekend. I am of the opinion that I'm going to get in no distant time, if I can be able to stick to that plan.
Well I am good in spending too. But to become wiser you must separate your savings from the total income that you receive before spending. So that even when you spend with whatever things you want it will be okay because you already have saved for your emergency funds.
Money management for me was myth when i was still single. But when you have a family of your own that's when you realize how important budgeting is. Well it's not an easy thing to do, but if want to make it work discipline is the key. There are times that you have an extra budget and your eager to buy something, with the right discipline you can either save money or just spend it on essential items.
This is exactly my problem. I am unstable. When I was younger, I'd buy things even if I didn't need it. Then when I grew older I became more practical, and because of that I got to save money but it only lasted for only 3 years. Now, I am back for being impulsive buyer! I don't know... Buying things that I like gives me happiness even if it will only end up in my cabinets unused. But, anyway... I'm still trying gradually to lessen it. I am trying to give myself a budget or certain amount that I can only spend for the whole month. It kind a works, hopefully it will totally work soon since I really wanted to save more and invest.
When I started saving money, I became a little bit conscious about how I spend and what I spend with my money. Like for example, as of the moment I only use a keypad phone because I broke my smartphone last year. I planned to buy a new smartphone but I realized that I don't need it that much right now because I can still browse the internet with my laptop and my keypad phone is working really fine. However, when it comes to food I really don't care that much as long as what I'm eating is healthy, that's why I spend a lot with my food. But, if it's not really important then I have to really avoid buying it. My advice for others, if you can't control yourself, try putting your money on a coin bank that you can't easily open or break so that you won't have the ability to spend that money.
I could stand to be more disciplined about how I spend my money! I have a rough idea of how much I have in the bank, but I'll admit I can be impulsive. Especially if I'm feeling down or I'm just bored, I tend to give myself "retail therapy" a little too easily. I'm not in a bunch of debt, or anything, but I know there's better things I could be doing with my cash than buying another lipstick I don't need or getting takeout when I have food at home.
I can totally relate to that! Discipline when it comes to money is not easy, especially if you want to earn more and spend less. People always complain that they don’t earn enough but money is not always the problem, it’s really what you do with it.

I used to have the mentality of buying what I want when I want something and often perceived budgeting as a form of deprivation. I earned that money so why can’t I spend it? But now, with a few changes, I focused on what my wants and needs are. I would establish goals and set enough money to cover the “needs” of each month and sometimes buy a certain “want” every two or three months. In order to resist impulse buying, I would only carry a certain amount of cash so that I won’t regret buying things I don’t really need.
I'm not disciplined enough in terms of budgeting. I wasted a lot of money to the things I don't need, and that's my problem actually. Sometimes, I always think that my monthly salary is not enough, but then I realize that, there's nothing wrong with my money or salary, all I need is the proper way of budgeting. I need to value my income, I need to minimize my expenses, I need to become much more responsible and need to save my money, but it's really hard for me to do that. Maybe I need some seminars to learn how to save my money.
I think it's a learning process I spent decades learning how and I'm still processing it now. It's really hard to curb bad spending habits like spending hard earned money for vices like alcohol and gambling, more so when it comes to shopping but eventually I learned to set my limitations by realizing the value of money and proper savings.
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