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Full Version: How disciplined are you with spending?
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During my younger age, I used to spend a lot and buying things which I don't really need. Until such time my son has been hospitalized twice a year and I end up having debt and no savings. At that point, I realized how important to discipline yourself when it comes to spending and saves money. For now, I am very wise on spending. When it comes to food, I asked my family first what they like to eat because I don't wanna buy food that they don't like to eat to avoid left over. When it comes to clothes I only buy clothes or shoes if it has a discount.
I'm very frugal with spending,I only go for what I really need and save money ahead for frivolities and luxuries and this is mostly once a year like going on vacation with the family.I'm not extravagant and I spend mindfully,knowing fully well that saving for the rainy day is just the way out of einancial instability and debt.
Well, there's only one principle I have applied in spending. I spend the money which is left after saving. I don't save what's left after spending. I prioritize saving money rather than spending too much.
When it comes to spending, I always tracked my expenses because it keeps me accountable for every peso that I'm spending. Once I'm aware of where my money is going, it will be a better position for me to make smarter spending choices. It takes time and dedication to reform your spending habits and to discipline yourself from spending too much, so don’t be hard on yourself.
I am not really good at saving but I can say that I am not bad in budgeting. As a student that was supported by my parents by giving my allowance every week. So I have to make my budget list so that I can live until weekend comes again. Its so sad that I wasn't able to save but I am now working on it. I really have to discipline myself although it is very hard because I have to make my money last. So what I did id to stay away from food. Funny right? but who doesn't love eating.
I was able to do that every time I want to buy something that I really want or need. What I am trying so share is that if we have motivation or goal we can do what we want.
I believe that I am well-disciplined with spending money. It was a nice idea to buy several envelopes to control our expenses, and I have been using this tip for several years. I have envelopes for food, bills, petrol, hobby, leisure, and other necessary things. As soon as we get money, I put the fixed amount of money into each of them. In our family of two, I am responsible for our budget. My main rule is that our expenses must be lower than our income. It helps me save and even invest some money every month, I find it very important.
For me, I'm not really good at budgeting my money. If I have a decent amount of money, I don't care how much I am spending so when my money got pretty low, I just questioned myself, "What am I doing?!" I have a girlfriend and she's my idol when it comes to financial budgeting. I guess she learned that from her course which is Accountancy. Little by little she's helping me on how to budget my money.
I discipline my self from spending too much and from buying unneccesary things by making some budget plan. This way it helps me prioritize the things that I need to spend on first, and it prevents me from temptations. I know most people having a hard time everytime the budget is so tight.
Not very disciplined, but it hasn't always been the case. In fact, in the past I made around 1,500 USD a month and at one job I manged to save enough to buy a used truck! But nowadays, my income is low I don't feel it's worth it.
I used to be horrible at managing money because I grew up being spoiled and having money. My parents also paid for my schooling and when money would get tight my mom would send me money. I was ridiculously spoiled with money. I decided to grow up and stop asking mommy for money about a year ago. I must say staying disciplined with my money has been difficult, but I have been managing. I've started keeping all of my receipts and write down each and every single purchase I make. I also keep my receipts in different categories such as home, savings, groceries, pets, entertainment, etc. and every month I go over what I had budgeted for that category and what I actually spent on items. It helps me stay focused and I get more control on where my money is going. Before I would have no discipline when it came to money and when my debit account became zero I would call my mom who would send me money. If you have ever seen the show "Princess" I was the person spending all of the other ones money. I realized that it isn't fair for anyone else to support me and that it isn't up to me to spend any one else's money. 

I must say, even though it has been a tough year financially, I am very proud of myself for not giving in and learning/reading about personal finances. I now have two TFSA's and a RRSP that I have started automatically putting money in. 

Though I am very thankful my parents bailed me out time and time again, I kind of wish they wouldn't have because I would have learned to budget and be financially responsible.
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