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Full Version: How disciplined are you with spending?
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It's been a while since I made a mistake of making unnecessary expenses. I budget myself based on my income and stay in line with it when I'm taking on any expenditures. The reason why I operate my financial life this way is because I have lots of responsibilities to take care of with limited funding, so it would be an unwise act to misuse my little money in a careless way.
We try and budget here, we are pretty good with money, we don't go out and just buy for the hek of it. It is hard but it can be done
I have been working online for some time now. Before then, I was almost always broke. Don't get me wrong, I had a full time job that paid pretty well. My biggest issue is that I was and still are a spendthrift. Ever since I started working online, I have been able to spice up my lifestyle a little bit. I don't really save, but now my income is always flowing in. My website has recently gotten lots of traffic and now I'm earning twice as much as I did when I started out. Income from Google AdSense is also supplementing my spending habits.
I'm not that calculative in spending my money. Before spending to much. I always make sure that my school allowance for project and other miscellaneous are save. As well as for my transportation allowance. The excess will be for unexpected situations. I don't hang out with friends. My friends are fabulous and I can't go along with that lifestyle. I only spend much in BTS concerts. They are my life. LOL .
I am discplined when it comes to spending money. I don't buy things when I don't really need it anyway. I only buy things when they are very required to buy so.
Not really haha. Most of the time, I can't control myself in overspending, and I think it's common for a student like me.
Well one thing is for sure and that is that I can always be better, but I would like to think I am pretty good overall, at least compared to most people. It really just does kind of depend on what kinds of things pop up in the expenses for each month, which can vary quite a bit.
I have never actually been disciplined with money. I always set that as my new year resolution but I have never been able to obey it. I don't really waste it on inappropriate things but I mostly spend it on food. But I'll really try to start saving just a little every time.

I am still a student so I always get my money from my parents. There is usually just enough to spend and not a lot to save but I am sure I can try.
I am not a disciplined spender. I tend to spend on my whims. Most of the time I end up buying things that I do not need. I am not a shopaholic. yet enjoy shopping. I believe shopping is therapeutic. In fact whenever I feel bored or frustrated, I go shopping. If I cannot go out, I open my computer and visit the online store. I want to be disciplined shopper, however, I cannot correct my behavior.
I'm very discipline with my money especially now that there's economy melt down in my country I just save as much as I can and I don't joke with online promos, winning and freebies codes, gifts and general giveaways to minimize spending on my path.Financial discipline is a virtue now.
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