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Full Version: How disciplined are you with spending?
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I am stumped by this topic because I have my lucid intervals when it comes to spending. There are times that my spending spree takes over but I am usually frugal with spending money. The problem is that I cannot determine the exact reason why I sometimes overspend. Understandably, I do that when we are on a tour or vacation but it also happens sometimes in the mall. Fortunately, I am usually with my wife when we go to the mall so I have the devil's advocate to warn me about overspending.
I am very disciplined with my spendings. I budget my money whenever I receive my paycheck. I already have an allotment for every penny that I earn and I also have a budget for my entertainment. I tend to follow my budget because I use a budget app on my smartphone.
I'd say I'm fairly disciplined. I'm fully aware of what I have, what I can afford, how much my bills are for the month etc. However, due to this exact knowledge I tend to spend what's not allocated to bills, pretty quickly at payday. I guess I'd say that I'm not good at saving money, but I'm pretty good at making sure all bills are paid on time and in full.
I'm medium disciplined. I know what to spend and what not. But sometimes I catch myself spending something that was unnecessary.
Last time I reply, I have save an good amount. Hard to save but able to have at least 1K in the reserve. It will just be saved and not spent. I always had an system where I put money there and never gets touched NEVER.
I have been trying to become better with my spending lately. I used to spend a lot even though I knew that I didn't have savings and that I shouldn't be spending, but in my defense I'll say I'm young. I have been learning to save money by cutting down on expenses that aren't necessary. I used to have an obsession with shopping and would buy things that I didn't need, but just liked, things that didn't even fit me well, just because I'd lose 5 pounds and I'd wear them then, things like that. But it takes a bit of discipline and ALWAYS stopping yourself before going down the rabbit hole, before even going into the shop. Another useful thing is to never have a lot of money on yourself, that also helps the spending as well. I'd say I'm on my way of becoming a moderately good saver.
Actually, I am not disciplined at all, I always spend a lot and I buy things that are not necessary for my home. I like shopping my wife says I am like a woman and I buy all I see. My wife is more disciplined than me, she always put money aside for harder times.
I think, I am disciplined enough to have about $40 savings a month for a student like me.
The secret actually lies in buying only what you need most of the time. The thing is, how to distinguish between what you want and what you really need. As an example, when you go to the supermarket, you can load your cart with stuffs that can be both needed and wanted. Because you are faced with just too many visual images of stuffs, it may be hard sometimes to distinguish one from the other. But upon getting to the cashier and all you can see is the cash register, then you begin to ask yourself about the thing s you just bought and right there and then begin sorting out things as either a need or a want. Notice that clearly a lot of things are set aside and only those that are needed are left to be paid. Many times we see this stuffs just left near the counter like abandoned things. Actually they were already set aside by the buyer.
I always have problems controlling my expenses
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