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Full Version: How disciplined are you with spending?
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Do you tend to stay very close to your budget? Mostly I am very good with my spending however I sometimes can deviate a little bit, mainly with food when I am not in the mood to cook and therefore end up spending more than intended.
When I got my work, offline and online, I became a money management magnet. I really want to save a portion of my salary, both from online and offline jobs. I only buy things that I really need and of course, my family's needs. If there are material things that I wish to buy, I will analyze if I really need it. I need to think it over the advantage of buying those things before literally buying. I managed and organized my spending now.
I have been a bit conservative with my earnings for a while now,I spend less lately and I do more of my needs than anything else and it has been worthwhile.No need spending limited funds on luxuries.I buy only very important needs.
I am disciplined. I save a portion of my earnings aswell as spend a small percentage. Each calander month I create a new Spreadsheet to track what negative balances and my income.
I am actually saving up for a very important project and each month I make sure that I spend only a certain amount. This is not something easy as I get tempted to buy stuff every now and then. So far I have been able to save a good amount. Budgeting is very important to me.
I am always very close to my budget. I do not normally overbuy and I look for deals when I am buying. I have gotten some really nice clothing on sale and saved a lot of money by doing this.
I can relate to that. It's difficult to stick to a budget especially when our whims get the best of us LOL!

But I still make it a point to stick to my budget. What I do is divide my budget into weekly and by categories and track my expenses daily. If I think that I'm going over my budget, I will have to limit my spending. It also helps to make a weekly menu, as it kinda conditions my mind that this is what I want to eat. And if at the end of the week, I have money left from the budget, I save most of it and spend some as a reward.
Even though have several means of getting money, I was given a tough upbringing when I was still a teenager because life and things was very difficult for my family. We had a very serious family problem and our father had to leave us to go struggle and become successful again. So, our entire family went into farming in order to see food and eat.

After some years of suffering, and things are now getting better for the family with myself living on my own home now, that lesson of suffering has made me know how to manage money. Sometimes, I don't even get to spend all the money which I mapped out for my monthly spending.
I am very disciplined. I don't waste my money on stupid, unnecessary stuff and i always try to save a certain amount each and every month. Now, of course that doesn't mean that i live like a beggar, but i am definitely smart about my spendings. Nothing goes to waste, no ridiculously expensive clothes, no unnecessary junk food or drinks, just the basics that i absolutely need. It's so easy to save up money this way.
I'm very calculative when it comes to spending That most times I actually spend much less.

I ask myself if I can do without the things that I want to get and it turns out that I can actually do without them except for what I need.
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