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Full Version: What is Investment to you?
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You might think from reading the topic, huh? but Yes what is investment to you?

Is there your own way of dealing with things
Anything that gives me a possibility of a return whilst also giving me an asset is what I would classify an investment as.
Investment to me is something like owning/buying an big land space and getting something back. Investing into land. I mean buy land, then sell it in the next 10 years and earn moneyyyyyyy
[quote quote=486]You might think from reading the topic, huh? but Yes what is investment to you?

Is there your own way of dealing with things[/quote]

-Investment for me is the word where you are letting the money work for you. In the way that these are the things that we should consider as assets and not liabilities. It is something that comes to compound in a specific months/years with a specific interest.
Investment it is also consider now as one of the primary that people should have. Because it is the time when you let money work for you. The time when you realize that certain things helps you to have a certain amount of money that let it compounds in the way e chose.

Investing to me is creating your future via plan from your present assets. Investment is not only money and business relations. It comes in different forms. Giving your self or your child a good education is some kind of investment. Its all about the future and giving the right amount of time /span for the investment to grow.
Investment for me is committing your money or another resource in the expectation of some future benefit. A college education, for example, can be considered as an investment because you invest your time and money in hopes of earning a degree and a good job after graduating.
Its actually a very tricky question. Investment, to me is any form of depositing my cash so that it would give me some amount of money to add into my savings account. I have a very flexible investment system wherein I use all my surplus money to deposit in the bank as a fixed deposit for one year. In this way, I can use the interest I get to add into my saving and if a need arises, I can break the fixed deposit and use it for whatever purpose I am intending to use it for.
Just as the name implies investment, it's what I put into something and expect a specific return on the investment either on weekly, monthly or yearly basis. It may be in form of bonds, loan, stock, shares or latest on the investment market bitcoins.

Getting my resources that I'm not making use of at the moment or in the foreseeable future into any of those aforementioned business opportunities to earn something either on the short term or the long term is what I consider to be an investment.
Investment is anything that I put my fund or resources into with the bid for making more profit in return is what I see as investment. If it doesn't pay any returns, it's not an investment in my opinion, so the thin line that defines what I call an investment is the ability of such thing to yield returns of profit on the initial fund or resources I used to start it up.
Investment is self denial at the present with hope and assurance that one laughs loudest in the future.
Setting aside money requires discipline and commitment but with the passage of time if the investment or purchase was done in a worthy venture, it will surely rise in value in the future and can become a steady stream of income like in the case of real estate or can be sold outright and converted into cash.
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