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    Personally I do not have a credit card as I know I am likely to end up overspending because of it and therefore I try to stay away from them. I may eventually get one in order to help build my credit rating.



    I have a credit card, I know what goes in and out and I can always control how much I spend.
    Owning a credit card in my opinion has really nothing to do with personal discipline regarding how you spend your money. It has to do with your personal conviction and state of mind.



    I have an debit card. Not an credit card.I rather not have an credit card since there are always some kind of other payments and if you are not careful, You will have to pay them back at some point.

    Yet again debit card or using your bank card is just as same if you are using credit card. End of the day money comes out of your bank account



    No, a debit card. I’d rather not have a credit card since you have to be carfeful of overdraffing on the credit card because you will hve to pay the bank back at some point, the credit card lender is the rightful owner of the cash. Best just to spend what can you afford with a Debit Card.

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    I have a credit card. However, it’s one without the ability to use credit. In that case, I guess it’s not a credit card. Nonetheless, it isn’t a debit because when I buy stuff with it, I have to say it’s a credit card.



    I don’t have a credit card, But i want a credit card, Because in credit card you pay your bills easily you buy things easily, For example you go to the market and you see a sale shoes you want to buy it and you don’t have cash or money in your pocket you can use your credit card to buy it on that day, You don’t need to wait another day or another week. that’s why i want to have a credit card, because it’s very useful for me.

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