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    How many credit cards do you have?


    I myself fall in the 7 to 10 area. I have opened quite a few and that is definitely a huge problem, but I am working on getting them all paid off.



    That is for sure a lot of cards. I just have the one debit card right now, but I am looking into opening a credit card to make a few small payments and increase my credit rating.



    I have 3 bank accounts and all of them comes with a debit card. I try as much as possible not to abuse the use of any of the debit card because it’s one of the most difficult thing that faces any card holder. They are always pushed to make use of the card to make unnecessary purchases that actually aren’t important to them but simply because they are with debit card and there is fund in the account, they simply cannot resist not using the card.



    I have 5 in total. I keep my savings in 2 banks, each of them with an ATM card and a debit card, and I also have 1 credit card, but I prefer to use debit when I need it.



    I have 0 credit and debits cards because I’m not old enough to have one. But I think having 2 debit cards is the perfect place for me.



    I have just two debit cards and one credit card, although I’m yet to make any transactions with my credit card. I mostly use my debit card for all my business transactions and paying for stuffs. It’s a lot easier and safer for me not to get into card debt by using my debit cards instead of the credit card.

    My credit card is for only emergencies that I cannot take care of with my debit card. This way, I will know that I have no choice but to use the credit card.



    I don’t like having too many cards. Currently i am in the 1-3 range and i still feel like that is too much. It just feels absolutely unnecessary for me. Don’t know about you guys but it’s better for me to be safe with 1 or 2 cards, then to have 10 of them. Because you can easily lose them and that wouldn’t be too good…



    I have like 3 bank accounts and all of them comes with a debit card. I never considered having a credit card. I see it not really necessary for me to have credit card. I always make it a point to save money so when I need to buy something I can just use my debit card. no additional fees and interest.



    I have two debit cards which I use for all my purchases. I don’t have the liberty to own a credit card and I’m content with it that way.

    I try as much as possible not to abuse my card by spending unnecessarily.



    I only have 2 from different banks. Dont have any credit card since I prefer using debit card with my own money in it. That way I get to track my spending activities more accurately without thinking any interest.



    I have 2 Credit Cards, Union Bank and Citibank, 2 Atm Bank Accounts which also serves as debit cards RCBC and BPI. 2 Debit Cards GCash and PayPal, I often use my Debit Cards because it’s safer, whenever I have to pay bills or go shopping I just transfer some money from my bank accounts to my debit cards, doing this is a good way for me to limit my spending. I use Credit Cards for emergency situations only.



    I have three cards two of them are debits cards one for business use and one for personal use. I also have a cashpoint card for my savings account for easy access shame I have no money in there though.



    I have 1 Debit and 2 Credit cards. Though, I am planning to cancel my 2 credit cards and focus on building my debit account. Also I just wanted to learn to live within my means.



    I just have 2 bank accounts and ore debit card for each. Personally, right now I don’t see any need to have more and have no interest in a credit card.



    As of now I only have 2 cards, 1 debit and 1 credit and I’am contented with it but I’am planing on adding another debit card so I can save money for my personal needs and for me to buy anything that I want it’s like my luxury card.

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