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    Regardless of what age you want to retire and not including things like social security benefits, how much money in savings do you think you need to retire?

    I think $1.5 million is a fair number for myself.

    At $40,000 a year it would last my from age 50 to age 87.5

    Though if I retired at say, 65, a total of $1 million might work as well. Though there are a lot of factors involved that vary from case to case.



    If I was to retire at an good age, I like to have a good $250,000 in the bank, I be happy with that. I mean if you are very rich I be unhappy. regards yearly payment amount, I say an good 30k or 40k and that will be good.

    With that I will go on holidays 4 times a year lol



    If I ever get that rich, I will do my best to not “live rich”. I will probably keep most of my money saved up and stashed for emergencies.



    I don’t think there won’t be any amount that would be enough as value of money is decreasing with ever day. Also money is never enough so best to add more and more to lead a comfortable life

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