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Statism - Pros and Cons - jyy - 03-13-2018

Statism can range from FDR's vision, to Hitler, to Stalin, to Trump. Either way, it's a belief that government power is needed to make things happen - and the appeal would be that alternatives are weak.

Anyway, though, some cons to this thinking would be the rise of a Big Brother State (George Orwell's 1984) and also the fact many of these systems have smashed worse than crash dummy.

RE: Statism - Pros and Cons - Folk Artist - 06-27-2018

I think statism is defined as market economies with large amounts of government intervention, regulation or influence over a market or mixed-market economy. But I am not sure that's the case with the United States because they are a free market economy- but really they say we are a muddled variety of the statist economy. We probably have the worst features of both systems being anarchism and statism in America though.

RE: Statism - Pros and Cons - pathfinder - 12-11-2018

I'm glad to see you present a range rather than treating statism as a monolithic thing!

There is a pretty good book entitled American Amnesia by Jacob S. Hacker that is relevant here, among others. Hacker details how we are a mixed market economy perhaps a little more than we realize. I pretty much agree with that assessment. A lot of discussion about politics and statism derails into just talk about socialism, but it's more complex than that.

I tend to come from a center-right perspective, and think there is a happy medium. Government should have a monopoly on things like massively destructive weapons. At other points, the government probably should step back as much as possible and let the free market work, only stepping in when there are failures or major issues that the market won't always address.

One of the things I caution people to think about is how will the power be used when my adversary gets into office? No system of government will operate indefinitely it seems, but I think our Founders gave us about the best around here in the US. However, every system is ultimately dependent upon benevolent rulers - elites - who exercise prudent government and restraint.