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When did you realize - InMyOpinion - 04-04-2018

When did you realize that money is important and that you should save for your future as well as invest? Have your parents helped guide you in the world of money or did you have a friend or family member that helped you through your money journey?

I had to learn everything about money on my own, which honestly I must say I've done well. My parents expected us to know about saving at a young age but never gave us any direction or information on how to save. Because my parents had a lot of money I never understood the true value of money until I moved out and had to make it on my own. My parents may not be the best people but I can say that we always had a roof over our head, food in our stomach and fridge and we were spoiled in the financial aspect.

It has a been a long but very rewarding journey learning about money and how to use it as a tool. When I lived on my own at 16 I still didn't really catch on on how money works because I would just buy things until money ran out and then I'd wait for a pay check. I realized the importance of money when I was homeless going to high school, not being able to concentrate in class because I was so hungry and malnourished and having to walk to and from work (about an hour and a half walk). Since then I've promised myself I'd never be homeless again and develop my money skills.

What about you? When did you realize the importance of money?

When did you realize - Martinsx - 04-04-2018

I actually knew the value of money far back as my teenage years when I was still in primary school. I started out poultry business then and I was actually good at it. All our neighbors bought chicken from me especially during festive season and I take pride in my breeding because they are always neat, well fed and heavy.

Getting to university level, I became a writer and I made a lot of money from it and till date I'm still into writing job because it pays me well. Money is the best next important thing after God in my opinion, so I do take it very seriously.

When did you realize - Enyi - 04-05-2018

Well,I don't know why parents don't teach children about money and savings, we most time learned about it on our own,for me I learned about saving on my own when I needed to get things for myself and my parents didn't want me having it so I knew the only way out was for me to save so I kept on saving and I got it so it occur to me that I can achieve a lot saving and I built the habit and grew with it.

When did you realize - iamjoeymercado48 - 04-05-2018

Growing up since then I don't really much look into money per se I remember that when I was young then I better to choose just to play along eating some candies instead of giving me money. But when I was in 3rd year High School or Grade 9 in the K-12 curriculum, that is the time I realize the worth and value of money. I am saying that I am a great spender before then but that is the only time I realize I need money because that time Any amount of money is okay for me but after the realization amount of money differs depending upon the purpose, of when, why and how you will use it. Every one of us had that turning point where we realize that giving importance or value of money make us to start saving. And from that day on I start saving so that in the end of the year I have accumulated money to spend in my Christmas vacation. And until now I have this tendecy to save so that the excess amount of money will be spend on Christmas Days.

When did you realize - Martin - 04-06-2018

Even growing up I wanted to go into business from a young age. Researching into it and seeing what needed to be done, whilst learning business studies, I realised that it would take me having a sound understanding of my finances in order to successfully become a businessman. So I started at the foundations, getting my finances in control and hopefully, eventually, getting enough together to go into business.