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Paid advertising - Martin - 05-09-2018

Have you any experience with paid advertising for your website? What did it involve and how successful was it for bringing you in traffic? I have tried a couple in the past on forums but get a few views but haven't ever really noticed people sign up.

RE: Paid advertising - xXInfectedXx - 05-13-2018

Paid advertising is really beneficial but creating paid and free ad campaigns on online is even better. Online marketing has more advantages to offline advertising. Here is why:

Your in control
Online is an endless strategy, there are long term possibilities
It can be free.

RE: Paid advertising - kingcool52 - 05-26-2018

I've never really gone with the paid advertising option for any of my sites. I've always tended to use free advertising options such as advertising through various different websites, forums and even social media. I know if done right paid advertising can be really good for your site but I can never justify spending such large amounts really.