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Learning is a continuing process - Alexandoy - 05-14-2018

They say that learning is a continuing process that's why it is advised to the younger generation to continue their studies, not for another course but for some other short courses that can be in their interest like culinary arts or even craft-making. Some friends who have reached 50 years now indulge in painting by attending tutorials or seminars. Some others are into writing stories that they wanted to be story writers someday. Now that the internet is rife with all the information we need, there are so many short courses in websites that the study is online and on your pacing. That's a pretty good setup now that people who wanted to gain more knowledge especially in another field have a good chance of learning without much hassle of attending classes personally.

RE: Learning is a continuing process - Mozzie - 05-14-2018

I agree, there are literally hundreds of online courses you can do now. I think it is great that people near,y everywhere have the opportunity to study something else and without having the worry of getting to the uni to learn

RE: Learning is a continuing process - Martin - 05-18-2018

I agree. I think learning is one of the most important things out there in terms of getting ahead in life. I do a lot of studying for things that don't even relate to my degree I am currently taking, and will continue to develop myself as life goes on also. It not only helps with your employability, but also with your general outlook and understanding of things.

RE: Learning is a continuing process - Writeratyourservice - 06-20-2018

I agree with this. Without learning, there is no improvement and we need improvement to perform better that's why, learning is really a significant thing.

RE: Learning is a continuing process - chameli - 06-20-2018

The learning is continuing process. The moment the child is born he/she beging to learn. The child first learns about his hunger, then he learns how to satisfy his hunger by suckling the mother's breasts. Learning continues until death. People are still learning just before the death. It is said Plato was trying to learn how to play a flute just a dy before his execution.

RE: Learning is a continuing process - killamch89 - 06-20-2018

We learn until we die - whether we are aware of it or not. In addition to the academic/recreational learning of skills that produces technical growth, we continuously learn as an individual due to life experiences which shape our way of life. Learning is the one constant in this lifetime and it is a fascinating constant.

RE: Learning is a continuing process - NoviceNinja - 06-21-2018

We should never stop learning in life. Learning is a life-long commitment to improving one's self whether it's for work, finances or personal development. I firmly believe that no one is too old to learn something new. If ever you are in your 40's and still wanted to pursue a degree in Computer Science, go for it. Do not mind those people who tell you not to do so.

RE: Learning is a continuing process - Annejk18 - 06-22-2018

I also agree that learning is continuing process. As a student, my professors are always telling us not to stop learning new things. Learning new things will help us a lot in building our future. As she said, life is a great teacher. We only not learn in school but also in our daily experiences.

RE: Learning is a continuing process - amitkokiladitya - 06-22-2018

I strongly believe in the fact that any kind of Knowledge is never a waste. Sooner or later every study becomes useful, either in personal or professional life. Every person should have a constant quest for knowledge. The urge to know, learn and experience should become the essence of living. It is only then we all can fulfill the true meaning of this life.

Our surroundings are full of numerous things and facts which are still unknown to us. If we gradually try to unfold them, we can easily deepen our love for life. Explore, learn and enjoy should be a never-ending motto of our lives.

RE: Learning is a continuing process - fishbate - 06-23-2018

I agree that learning is a continues process. As technology evolve the life goes with it, this means that the means of learning is steadily growing and expanding. With this people should be adaptive enough to harness all the technology and changes in life.