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Getting Laid Off - fantanoice - 06-20-2018

Have you ever been laid off from a company? This is something I'm dealing with right now and would like to hear your input.
So far I've spoken to some people in my network to find job openings and am in the process of sending applications. I'm not too worried because I have experience under my belt and still have good ties with a previous employer, but there's still an element of uncertainty.
How about you? Have you experienced this and if so, how did you handle the situation?

RE: Getting Laid Off - fishbate - 06-20-2018

I have the same experience before and there are times that it's frustrating specially when your savings are depleting. What i did was invest on my skill and earn a little with my skill. I have worked as a technical person through out my career and when i got laid off from my previous job, i started a project based services business where i can earn a little and used the money to enroll on short courses.
Eventually i got re hired to a new company, with a little bit higher salary because of the skill i gained from the short courses.

RE: Getting Laid Off - Sweerie_banana - 06-20-2018

Hi. Yes I was fired in January. I never knew why. I was sad at first and I remember crying about it so many times. It was so frustrating for me because I had to move back home and my ex boyfriend took everything from my house. So, u have to start life afresh. Am back home and mum has decided I should work in her shop and make sure the family business is doing just fine. Am glad because without it I would have nothing. It's a learning experience everyday because I used to earn some much more than what I am now but I can't complain. What am sure of is that I never want to be employed again. Am just tired.

RE: Getting Laid Off - john kendricks - 06-20-2018

I have yet to gt laid off and even though i believe anyone can recover from such event and circusmstance i believe it's going to very difficult to do so as your mental health will be damaged and weak.

RE: Getting Laid Off - Alexandoy - 06-21-2018

This is a sad thread that happened to me in 2003. The company was having a problem with the government regulations because of its scheme of earning. Instead of being a branch office of their head office in Japan, the company here is like a franchise but with the same owner. Anyway, I was one of those laid off and it's really a shocking experience. Fortunately, I have some savings on my own and my wife has a steady job. After a week, the mild depression went away by itself. But what if the situation was worse like I had no savings and I was the only bread winner? It is a big disaster.