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How to act in a bear market? - EfficientNinja - 06-22-2018

Good Day, Discussion Forums!
To those who are experienced when it comes to bear markets, how should we act when it comes? When it is a bull market we are planning to just stay invested when the bear market comes but we can't know for sure that we can stick to this plan if we somehow let our fear take over when we see our losses. I hope those who have experienced major bear markets can share their input.

RE: How to act in a bear market? - to7update - 06-22-2018

Rule nº1, don't lose money, rule nº2, don't lose money, rule nº3, don't lose money.

I'd say, get a note of entry points, and put stop-losses close to that. Textbooks say investments should have 3 outcomes. Small losses, small wins, big wins. So, stop losses will prevent those big losers, stick with them, don't sink with the losers!