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Are you in debt? - Martin - 02-23-2018

The only debt I currently hold is that of my student loan debt, and within the UK that is not a bad debt to have unlike in America where it seems to be more of an issue in terms of repayments, etc. Are you currently in debt?

Are you in debt? - jyy - 02-25-2018

I have to pay off PayPal Credit. However, I'm not sure how much I owe them. Nonetheless, I do know that I borrowed 500 at the start.

Are you in debt? - Empire - 02-25-2018

Nope, And thank god for that also. I never been in dept and never will be. That's what I always been like. Even that I don't have allot of money I still keep watch to what I spend.

Many times I like to buy something, But I say to myself I love to get it and I do have the money but then it be running my fresh hole and not going to happen

Are you in debt? - xXInfectedXx - 03-01-2018

Jyy- How much are you paying off a month? Once I got into debt with PayPal. There wasn't enough funds on my card for something I purchased and my balance went minus. I paid the 60 pounds back straight away by adding funds to my account, that's the only debt I've ever been in.

Are you in debt? - Empire - 03-01-2018

£60 isn't to bad, and lucky that you paid it right off

Are you in debt? - Golddisk - 03-05-2018

I have some debt, but it is in the form of student loans and a car loan. My car loan is almost paid off. I will be paying my student loans for awhile, but the payments are not insane and I have a steady job so I have no concerns there.

I do not have any other debt. While I have some credit cards, I pay them off right away when the bill comes in.

Are you in debt? - ghost - 03-05-2018

I have a little bit of debt on my credit card from some purchases I made but am slowly paying them off and regretting spending the money.

Are you in debt? - extrahotchili - 03-14-2018

I do have a debt. I have some debts in credit card and personal debts. It is not easy to have some debts. I am still paying my debts until now. It is a struggle how to divide your money with paying bills and your monthly expenses. Fortunately enough, I manage to slowly pay my bills.

Are you in debt? - Martinsx - 03-15-2018

I don't think that there is any living human being who isn't in one form of debt or another. Even if it's not a financial debt, it would be a favor repayment debt and in book, a debt is a debt no matter what form or nature it's in.

So therefore having said that, it's obvious to pick out where my opinion is heading at which is that I'm in a debt somehow but it's not a debt that would give me a serious concern because I'm already paying it off bit by bit. It's actually a business debt that I inherited from my family business.

Are you in debt? - hoppip83 - 03-15-2018

I don't have any big debts like school tuition or car loans, and I would have said that I currently have no debts as I don't like worrying about them, but then I remember I actually owe a close friend $10 for plane tickets, haha so there.