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Tesco Bank cancelled some credit cards - Martin - 03-08-2018

Quote:Tesco Bank has cancelled some of its customers' credit cards, after concerns that a number of accounts may have been compromised.

Customers may have to wait up to a week before replacement cards are issued.

The bank said that only a tiny number of its three million credit card users would be affected, and apologised for the inconvenience.

Obviously good to be fast acting here, however it's bad that this concern has affected people in the first place. Has your card been cancelled?

Tesco Bank cancelled some credit cards - Barida - 03-09-2018

I have never been in a situation where my credit card was cancelled for any reason, but my dad had been in such situation where he lost his credit card and called the bank to get it cancelled in order to help safe. According to the story that he told us, it was not an easy position for him for he had to make big financial adjustments as a result of that.

This is the reason I feel sorry for the customers of the bank that this current situation will affect because some have made plans on what to buy and all that and to see such plans been put in doubt can hurt.