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Do you hold any bitcoin? - Martin - 03-09-2018

We have discussed the legalities and the economics behind Bitcoin a bit in other topics. But, do you actually hold any Bitcoin yourself? How much?

Do you hold any bitcoin? - Heatman - 03-09-2018

I have always looked forward to investing in bitcoin because lately it's one of best investments that one could make and be guaranteed of making a good return of investment. But the problem is that the cost of bitcoin is beyond average for low income earners. But a few weeks ago, bitcoin took a swift fall in price and I jumped at the opportunity which presented itself to me and acquired about $500 worth of bitcoins. I would have bought more but I can't afford to invest more than that amount because of my limited fund.

Even if I decide to sell the bitcoins I bought today, I'm still going to make a good amount of profit from it but I'm definitely not considering selling it anytime sooner because the worth of the coins is certainly going to rise more and more.

Do you hold any bitcoin? - Barida - 03-09-2018

At the moment, I don't have any bitocins,but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is not an investment that I'm really looking forward to doing as a result of the huge game name that some of my pals have made from trading on bitocions. The more people get to know about this coin, I feel that lots of others will want to get invloved in buying and trading on bitcoin for it is always seen as a secured coin that you can invest on.

Do you hold any bitcoin? - Anachiwo - 03-09-2018

I have known about bitcoin for more than 7 years and my first trial to invest in it didn't go down well for me because I was scammed. It was actually an old classmate of mine that brought me the deal saying his own friend runs the bitcoin investment without fully explaining the kind of deal he runs.

His offer was something like a networking bitcoin where it works like a matrix and before one can earn and make profit after investing is by getting a referral. I couldn't get any referrals, so I lost the investment. It was not long ago that someone introduced me to how I would buy bitcoin directly and by God's grace, I'm soon going to invest in it again because it's worth investing into.

Do you hold any bitcoin? - NRG17 - 03-12-2018

I have an embarrassing story to share regarding bitcoin. I didn't even look at it until it peaked back in December. At that time, it was nearly 20k. I thought "this thing just keeps going" so I caved and put 5 grand into it. Unfortunately, it dropped immediately, and I cashed it out once it dipped to 14.2k. Very stupid of me, but also not something I could have foreseen as it just seemed to keep climbing. I know some people who even became suicidal after it dipped as much as it did.

Anyway, I won't be investing in it any more, point blank. It's too risky, too volatile, and too many countries/governments are looking to crack down on it.

Do you hold any bitcoin? - Martinsx - 03-15-2018

It's a thing of shame to me anytime I come across anything about holding any bitcoin. I actually had the opportunity to invest heavily in the cryptocurrency but I wasn't convinced on how legit doing bitcoin business was years ago.

Now bitcoin is worth so much more than what it was sold years back, and I'm now regretting my poor decision making in not having invested in the coin. Although, there are other Alt-Currency like Etherum, fret etc but bitcoin is far more stable coin and it's worth more than other Alt-Currency.

Do you hold any bitcoin? - iris2992 - 03-15-2018

I started investing in Bitcoin just a year ago around May. At first, I just tried it, testing the waters, so to speak. I buy in small fractions whenever I see a dip. I stopped buying when I reached around $140 worth of investment. I know it's just a little but it grew to around $200 in November so I tried to do a withdrawal of $100. I still have some Bitcoins left in my wallet and it is still worth around $200 today. I'm not planning of buying anytime soon. I think I'll just let it grow for sometime while keeping watch.

Do you hold any bitcoin? - Hexenbane - 03-16-2018

I have bitcoin and etherium investments as of the moment, it's not that huge amout but it's a way to train myself to this kind of investments. I could say that in the past few months, I was able to get a 25% return of investment from bitcoin that I used to invest in Etherium.
Hopefully in the next month, market from btc is good.

Do you hold any bitcoin? - Heart - 03-16-2018

I regret not investing in bitcoin way back when it was not famous yet. I do have some active accounts on mining but I am not checking it on a regular basis since I have a lot of things on my hand right now. I got some tips on a website and they are giving suggestions on how to buy and on how to build or grow your bitcoin account without investing cash in it.

Do you hold any bitcoin? - chameli - 03-17-2018

I acquired my first bitcoins in 2015. I held it for one year and the value increased from $400 to $700. I spent my BTC on a couple of income generating programs and made 5 BTC when the proice was $900. However, I could no longer hold my BTC because I was going through finance constrains. I spend my entire BTC in 2016. If I had held my BTC, I would have a lot of money when the BTC price climbed to 20K USD