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DiscussPF has an exciting opportunity whereby personal finance bloggers may choose to publish content on DiscussPF to help gain exposure for themselves. You can publish one article, or many, and each will be published under your own account. This allows you to create a portfolio of your works in one tidy place. Guest posting allows you to gain exposure to your own website. You can show off your work and entice a new audience into following your journey. DiscussPF will work with you to get your guest post read by as many people as possible which in turn will grow your site. Below are a few guidelines and then a way to get in touch about guest posting:

  • Original content only. No plagiarism is allowed, the content produced must be exclusive to DiscussPF before and after posting.
  • We are looking for works of at least 500 words, but can be as long as you wish. You don’t have to format the post or provide pictures, I will do this myself.
  • You will be allowed two links to your non-commercial website only. One in your author bio and one in your actual post.
  • Posts must relate to personal finance only.
  • It would be appreciated if you were willing to respond to comments left on your article as well as share in on the social networks you use.
  • There is no set time frame for when your guest post will be published, but we will work to ensure it is as soon as possible.

Interested? Lets talk!